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We have state of the art brand new environmentally friendly machines and ensure that in the daytime someone is at hand to offer you help if needed with your service wash. Not only do we provide service washes but we also have our own self-service launderette.
We offer a really thorough wash from our modern machines which have a high-speed spin meaningless drying, less time and less money. Easy to use digital machines with countdown timer.
We have a choice of small and large washers and dryers with friendly helpful staff on hand to answer any queries or help.
Our self service machines are all coin operated.
Change available.


Call For a Personal Service
07754 922 362



Small - £3.00 upto 16lb /approximately 30 minutes
Large - £5.00 upto 32lb /approximately 40 minutes
All washing machines accept any coins.
Modern machines that wash 3 times and rinse 3 times in minimal time. Diverse set of Washers can simultaneously and efficiently wash and rinse several loads of your garments in a matter of minutes. Each of our Washers goes through Three Wash Cycles and Three Rinse Cycles, using the good old-fashioned Clean Water and Mild Soap Methodology.



20p for 3 minutes
Most average loads can be dried for £1.50 - £2 and take approx 30 minutes.
Driers accept any coins.
High Efficient Clean Energy Natural Gas Powered Double Stack Dryers can simultaneously and efficiently dry several loads of your garments in a matter of minutes. Your entire laundry can be done in a short time, leaving you ample time to attend to more important things in your life.


Call For a Personal Service
07754 922 362